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Ear Saver Strips Fleece Sizes

Ear Saver Strips

At the beginning of the pandemic, Texas was faring relatively well. There wasn't a huge need for masks at hospitals. However, there was a huge need for ear-savers to help our heros make it through their long shifts without feeling as if their ears were to pop off! We started out with the headbands, adding buttons for the medical staff to attach their masks. 


When we found out that even the guys were wearing these out of desperation, we started making the little strips that help just as well - for those who don't have enough hair for headbands or simply for those who don't like to wear them. Making them out of fleece means that they are more comfortable than the hard plastic ones, they have a bit of stretch/give to them and that they can be washed without any issues. 


The most common length seems to be the 5". We've had requests for longer from folks with big hair and/or from men.

  • Additional Info

    * Due to inconsistant availability of materials, specific colors and patterns can not be guaranteed. Please note in the Customizing fields below if you have a specific color that would work for you, or if you want us to try and match your mask fabric and we will do our best to accommodate you!


    ** All ear savers (headbands & strips) can be laundered normally


    *** If you or a loved one is a front-line worker (medical, store employee, anything), please write us an email with your story and we'll do our best to thank you


    - Unfortunately, due to the nature of this product returns can not be accepted at this time - 

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