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I Spy Games

Never the biggest fan of electronics, our Creative Nut wanted to make something for her grandchildren that would be fun without needing electricity. Most likely this is a result of growing up in 'the dark ages' and lots of road trips!


Thus the I Spy Bag was born. Instead of looking out the windows and playing 'I spy with my little eye', it's all contained in one little bag! Each bag measures approximately 9"x9", super lightweight foam beads and contains 25 mini toys. In the back pockets you will find a washable marker and a laminated card. One side the card has photos of each toy inside the bag and on the other are the words. There is no wrong or right way to play - Some mark off the photo or word on the card as they find the objects, others pick an object and search until they find. While we started making these with younger children in mind (probably 3-4yrs+), we've received feedback that even teens were having some fun with them! Also, Physical Therapists have told us that they are great to work on dexterity and memory in older folks, as well as being stimulating to anyone on the spectrum. 

  • Additional Info

    *Customizing is available. If we make a bag from scratch, a name or message can be embroidered onto the bag for an additional $5 for up to 8 letters. For bags already made, we can easily add a name using beads - $2 for up to 8 letters. If you want one of these bags, but prefer a different material and/or want the embroidery, just message us and we'll work with you based on what is available!

    **Material is machine washable. However, due to the miscellaneous toys and beads inside, spot treat only - warm soapy water rubbed on or upholstry cleaner should do the trick. 

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