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LUV-ly Faux LeatherEarrings

LUV-ly Faux LeatherEarrings

I have always been crafty for fun and I started making these earrings for myself after finally joining the SWA family…have received so many compliments from passengers and co-hearts alike, along with encouragement to sell these that I decided to give this a go! Just specify what style and if you want yellow or gold glitter version. These are all feather light PU leather and don’t hang more than 2“. As many of you know, BZN just celebrated 1 year of operation! So I made Station specific earrings and keyrings to celebrate and we will continue to give to our new hires to welcome into the family. The same can be done for any station. ðŸ’™â¤ï¸ðŸ’›

  • Return policy:

    As items are made to order, no returns are accepted. However, if there is a quality issue, please contact us and we will endeavor to make it right!

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