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Mermaid Tail blanket adult doll

Mermaid Tails - Doll

Two Christmases ago, all my nieces wanted were blankets for their dolls. As we are focused on protecting the environment by reducing waste as much as possible while spreading magic everywhere, we thought 'why can't the dolls have magical tails to match the girls'?' And Mermaid Tails for dolls were born! Made of soft and durable fleece, measuring approximately 7" at the bottom of the body and opening up to approximately 21" at the top and 20" long, this will fit most dolls up to the 18" American Girl Dolls.


*Fit tested on American Girl dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Raggedy Ann and one very patient Pug-zu.


**No puppies or dolls were harmed in the development of this product

  • Additional Info

    Machine washable, low maintenance, all decorations hand-sewn on. 

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