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mobility bags in use on rolaters

Mobility Bags

Grandma Squirrel moved down here to Texas with us. Her stability was a bit off, so we gave her a Rolater to move around with more safely. She was struggling with carrying all her bits-n-bobs, so she came up with these mobility bags as a solution! She has one for every season for herself and has basically outfitted her entire senior community with them as well. If your loved one lives in one of these communities, an additional benefit to one of these bags is that it helps them identify their mobility device when they go for meals! Please bear with us on these for the time being as there is no pattern - Grandma Squirrel does these truly by hand. We are slowly working towards a standardized pattern, but you know what they say about teaching older Squirrels new tricks? 


These bags are secured around the upper bar of a walker or Rolater with velcro. They have two pockets on the front and the back freeing up hands so you can keep walking steady. Made of either cotton fabric & batting or a heavier canvas material on its own, they are machine washable. 

  • Return Policy:

    As items are made to order, no returns are accepted. However, if there is a quality issue, please contact us and we will endeavor to make it right!

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