SWA Inspired Lanyards & Jewelry

SWA Inspired Lanyards & Jewelry

Lanyards are approximately 31" long in the necklace with an additional 3"to keyring. Constructed using durable wire, you'll be looking glamourous out of water (at work) for a long time to come! Primary beads are glass pearls or silver lined seed beads. Accent beads include Pinapples, Airplanes & Hearts.


Coordinating bracelets are 7.5" standard, but can be made larger or smaller if specially requested.


The multi-strand bracelets use a sturdy thread and close with a toggle fixture.


The single strand bracelets are constructed using a durable stretch band, so they are easy to doff & don. They look great on their own, but even better stacked! Sterling silver beads with semi-precious stones:


Lapis - Spirit of exploration; positive energy & strengthens the mind

Yellow Fire Agate - Dawn of a new chapter; helps with digestive ailments

Red Coral - Warrior Spirit & excellent Customer Service; properties of prosperity...in business & love!


Earrings have Sterling Silver Fishhook fixtures.


The teardrop earring variations are faux leather with Sterling Silver fishhooks. 

  • Additional Info

    No special care instructions other than keeping in mind these are glass beads. Constructed to be durable and long-lasting, if pulled on hard enough the ball chain will separate from the wire as a safety feature. There is a 30 day no questions asked guarantee. If something should happen after that, contact us and we will do what we can to help repair!