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Woven Fleece Dog Toys -SWA Themed

Woven Fleece Dog Toys -SWA Themed

Woven from magical SWA-mermaid fleece, these colorful dog toys are great for your little guys who like to play fetch or tug=of-war. Soft enough to be thrown around indoors, durable and washable fleece, these are dog-tested and approved! 


As these are made from remnants of SWA-mermaid tails, the colors/patterns absolutely run the gamut. The small sizes are appropriate for pups and toy pups. The medium sizes are appropriate for little guys (our four-legged kids are 14 and 22lbs and happily play with the medium). And the large, well, for big guys!

  • Additional Info

    Can be machine washed & dried.

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